Recommendation Letter for Milton Springers Gymnastics

To Whom It May Concern:

Both of our children have attended Milton Springers. We have enjoyed watching their coordination development, while encouraging physical fitness.

Milton Springers Gymnastics Club is the premier gymnastics school in the city. Their mission is to be the leader in teaching gymnastics excellence to children and youth using a progressive and encouraging manner that recognizes both effort and achievement. Through gymnastics they build a foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Milton Springers Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organization proudly serving the Halton region since 1974.

All the gymnastic coaches are warm and nurturing when interacting with our children. They took their time ensuring our kids were comfortable in the gymnastics environment. The parent viewing area allows us to watch our kids and it is greatly appreciated. We appreciate the cleanliness of the gym and how well the equipment is organized.

Our daughter was initially apprehensive when first starting gymnastics, however, the coaches walked her around and very quickly made her feel comfortable. So comfortable that our daughter did not want to leave the class! She loved it so much! Her balance and coordination improved considerably; it was a joy to see the confidence build in her. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the parent-tot class, and it also gave us a chance to participate as well.

The P.A. Day camp with Before and After Care option (pre COVID of course), was most helpful for us working parents on those days. I really would recommend Milton Springers to any parent wishing to provide their child an active, personable environment while improving their coordination and confidence.

Yours truly,

Michael Barnick
Schooley Mitchell

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