Recommendation Letter for Making Waves Swim School

To Whom It May Concern:

Both of our children are currently attending Making Waves Swim School. The progress in both of their swimming skills has been a true pleasure to watch before our eyes.

Making Waves Swim School is the premier private swim school in the city. They offer a very personable structured environment for each age group from where your child can build their life saving swimming skills.

All our interactions with staff have been warm and pleasant. Little touches like the front desk staff providing stickers to the kids, which our kids look forward to, demonstrates the level of care that they show to families.

The swimming coaches and instructors’ level of patience is phenomenal. They took as much time needed to acclimate our children to the water which was a struggle in the beginning. There were many scenes of screaming and crying in the initial stages (which is always hard for parents to watch); however, we are grateful that we kept with the process and placed our trust in the swimming coaches.

Our children now look forward to their swimming classes and always asking when will they be going back. We appreciate the handy childrens play area that our kids used (pre COVID of course) whenever one of them had a class and the other was waiting for their class time slot.

I really would recommend Making Waves to any parent wishing to provide their child an enriched personable environment where they learn life saving swimming skills and confidence.

Yours truly,

Michael Baznick
Schooley Mitchell

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