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About Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast to coast in the United States and Canada.

On average, we reduce overhead expenses by 28% and have delivered over $540 million in documented savings for over 27,000 clients to date.

What Does Schooley Mitchell Do?

We are passionate about saving money for our clients and giving them more time to focus on other priorities within their business. We ensure our clients are getting the best services at the best price.

Our Approach

Schooley Mitchell's work is based on a mutually beneficial model - we are driven by producing results for our clients and have no ties to vendors or service providers.
Our fees are self-funded by a portion of the savings we find - no savings, no charge to you.
With inflation on the rise, we are finding that all businesses, municipalities and not for profits could use assistance saving money.

Amanda Chevrier

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