Client Testimonial: Community Options

April 24, 2023

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Amanda Chevrier and Schooley Mitchell for their cost reduction consulting services. I am the Executive Director of Community Options, a non-profit organization that provides inclusive education, childcare, and additional childhood development supports to children and their families in the Edmonton area. We operate out of four locations, have 180 staff, and an operating budget of $7 million. I was introduced to Amanda through Business Network International (BNI), a referral networking group.

During our first conversation, Amanda described herself as a cost reduction consultant with Schooley Mitchell, a company that specializes in finding the best market pricing on overhead costs for businesses and non-profit organizations. With scarce staffing available to take on such an analysis, I was pleased that not only would Amanda be saving us money, but also time. Moreover, Amanda’s fee is a percentage of the savings, which meant there was no charge if no savings were found. As an experienced business executive and coach, I found the Schooley Mitchell model to be very practical.

Amanda and her team conducted a review of our telecom and merchant services. I was thrilled when Amanda presented the report showing that she was able to save us $27,000 in the first year and $15,000 each year after on our wireless phones, desk phones, and internet, simply by switching vendors. This resulted in savings of 21.24% on our wireless phones, 58.33% on our desk phones, and 18.95% on our internet. Coincidentally, the wireless vendor recommended by Amanda was a former employer. Out of curiosity, I contacted former colleagues to ask what pricing they could provide, and to my astonishment, they were only able to provide pricing half as good as what Amanda and Schooley Mitchell could provide. This proved to me that Schooley Mitchell has built very strong relationships and has remarkable buying power.

I highly recommend Amanda and Schooley Mitchell for their cost reduction consulting services. Their ability to save us time and money, and to provide exceptional service has proven to be of immense value to our organization.

Wayne Fredin
Executive Director – Community Options