Recommendation of Detroit Axle

To Whom It May Concern:

Detroit Axle stands as a testament to American ingenuity and dedication to quality. Beginning as a small, family-owned business, they’ve grown into a trusted supplier of premium automotive parts, specializing in everything a weekend mechanic or professional might need to keep vehicles running smoothly. Their commitment to American-made products not only supports the local economy but also ensures a standard of quality that’s hard to beat.

I was first introduced to Detroit Axle years ago through a recommendation from my brother, a seasoned mechanic. Since then, I’ve consistently used them for my auto part needs, installing wheel bearings, rotors and brake pads, and CV axles and have been impressed with the reliability of the parts.

It’s rare to find American-made products that don’t come with a premium price tag, but Detroit Axle breaks the mold. Their products are more affordable than many competitors, but this in no way compromises their quality. Each part I’ve used has met or exceeded my expectations, keeping my vehicles in top condition.

What sets Detroit Axle apart, aside from their exceptional products, is their customer service. They offer free shipping, which is a huge plus for me. Plus, they have humans that still answer the phone!  Additionally, a quick glance at their reviews on Amazon will show you just how well-regarded they are by a community of car enthusiasts and those in the auto repair field alike.

For anyone who values self-reliance in vehicle maintenance or those in the automotive profession seeking reliable parts, I can’t recommend Detroit Axle enough. Their blend of quality, affordability, and commitment to customer satisfaction makes them an ideal choice for anyone serious about their vehicle’s care. Do yourself a favor and check them out; your vehicle (and wallet) will thank you.

Best Regards,


Adam Baker

Schooley Mitchell