Recommendation Letter for Breakiron Jewelers

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife recently asked me to have some of her jewelry cleaned and repaired, so I stopped in to Breakiron Jewelers to see if they could help and I left very impressed with the level of service they provide.

Breakiron Jewelers is a family owned, second-generation jewelry store in Erie, PA run by the incredibly friendly Linda Breakiron.  Showcasing jewelry for every occasion, they have beautiful displays of traditional jewelry and also offer the ability to custom make jewelry for their customers.  With nearly 60 years in business, they have undeniable expertise and are recognized as one of Erie’s top jewelers.

When I visited the store, the staff couldn’t have been friendlier.  Not only did they offer complimentary cleaning, but when they looked at all of my jewelry, they explained what they could do to repair it, and even made recommendations on what I could do to prevent issues in the future.  When my wife saw her jewelry restored to beautiful condition, she nearly cried.

I was extremely satisfied with the service I received, but imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I received a hand-written thank you card from Linda.  We didn’t buy thousands of dollars in jewelry, and the repair wasn’t expensive at all, but that card told me that Breakiron Jewelers cares about all of their customers – no matter how much they spend.

As a small business owner, I know how busy it can be to run a business, but that Linda still found the time to show her gratitude speaks volumes about the business she runs and that her priority is making her customers feel special.

If you want to go to an experienced jeweler, where you aren’t just taken care of, but also appreciated, make sure to visit Linda and her team at Breakiron Jewelers.  The only thing that outshines their diamonds is their service!

Yours truly,

Adam Baker

Schooley Mitchell

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