Recommendation of Tom Faessel at Total Foundation Solutions

To Whom It May Concern:

The true value of a craftsman isn’t known until well after the project is finished.  After having Total Foundation Solutions fix an issue for me over a year ago, I can confidently say that their knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship are extremely valuable to any home owner.

In 2022 I came home to find a significant amount of water in my finished basement. While trying to extract the water, it continued to seep in, but I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from.  I reached out to Tom Faessel with Total Foundation Solutions and he quickly identified the source and came up with a plan to remedy it, and 1 year later, I haven’t had a single water issue down there.

Total Foundation Solutions is the premier home repair expert in PA, OH and NY.  With over 30 years of experience in foundation repair, concrete leveling, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair, their knowledge really shows through when they do an on-site visit of your residence.  From identifying the source of the problem, to being able to predict future issues, this team demonstrates that they understand the relationship between your home, the earth, and the water that’s trying to get in there.

When I called Tom, he showed up quickly, was able to assess my issue and found that it had been happening for years, and then gave me options for solutions. Ultimately, I needed another sump pump and French drain installed in the other corner of my house to move water.

Tom got me scheduled and his team did a great job of installing a French drain and a battery back up sump pump. Because I have a finished basement, they had to find a creative solution to pipe the water out and they were able to navigate the discharge pipe to one of my downspouts and away from my home while maintaining the aesthetics of my home.

From their professionalism, their knowledge, to the cleanliness of their worksite, I couldn’t have been happier to work with them.  The sump pump they installed is extremely quiet (you really have to listen for it to hear it) and because it’s on a battery back up, I don’t have to worry about what happens if we lose power.

No one wants to have water in their basement or a damaged foundation, but if you experience it, I highly recommend you call Tom with Total Foundation Solutions.  After experiencing the rainy season a year after their install, I can attest that their work stands up to Mother Nature.

Yours truly,


Adam Baker


Schooley Mitchell


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