Recommendation for Harrington, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of a great business, Harrington, Inc. Founded in 1988, Harrington, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for municipal fire departments and fire connections for buildings.

Harrington, Inc. provides intake valves, gated wyes, and numerous other products in thousands of configurations, all of which have been field proven by firefighters. It also develops innovative and unique solutions for the fire industry. Harrington, Inc. prides itself on providing customers with products that meet and exceed their specifications, delivered on time, with superior customer service.

Harrington, Inc. also has an amazing team standing behind it. Each staff member is highly skilled and trained in the industry, which they use to provide amazing service. They are also polite, friendly, and easy to get along with, always happy to answer questions, make recommendation and walk you through the entire process.

I highly recommend Harrington, Inc. to anyone who need high precision water delivery equipment. With the amazing team at Harrington, Inc., you can count on personalized service, quality products, and short leads times all at fair prices.


Adam Baker
Schooley Mitchell

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