Recommendation for Cathy Szymanski of Szymanski Consulting

To whom it may concern:

It is an absolute delight to write this letter in recommendation of a pillar of the Erie, Pennsylvania community, Cathy Szymanski. Cathy is the dedicated and hardworking owner of Szymanski Consulting, an IT consulting firm that helps small and medium-sized businesses get the most return out of their technology investments.

Since 1978, Cathy and the team at Szymanski Consulting have been providing local businesses with consulting, design, implementation, support, expertise, and outstanding customer service. Many businesses rely on Szymanski Consulting for their successful operations, making Cathy’s impressive leadership integral to Erie’s thriving business community.

Personally, I have known Cathy for two years, and greatly admire and look up to her. Not only is she an inspiring businessperson, but her philanthropy and generosity also make her such an important part of our community. She is always dedicating her time to different nonprofit organizations and charitable endeavors, all while going the extra mile to help local businesses and entrepreneurs as well. She has certainly supported me as I launched my business, and for that I am very grateful.

If you are considering working with Cathy, whether it be in a professional and volunteer capacity, I am certain your experience will be wonderful.


Adam Baker
Schooley Mitchell

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