Testimonial from Martin’s Tire and Auto Service





To whom it may concern,

At Martin’s Tire and Auto Service, our nearly 40 years in business have been built on a foundation of excellence, ensuring that our customers’ vehicles remain reliable. This standard of service is what we consistently deliver to our customers and what we expect from our vendors.

In our two-year partnership with Schooley Mitchell, they have proven to embody these same values. Their team has become a dependable and invaluable resource for all our telecom needs, demonstrating a commitment to excellence that mirrors our own. When we first reached out to Adam Baker and the Schooley Mitchell team, we were in a bit of a bind with our internet service. We needed to speed things up without putting too much strain on our budget. Our situation was a bit complicated, with our internet and phone services bundled in a way that made changes tricky. But, Schooley Mitchell handled it like pros.

They set us up with a new phone system, faster internet, and somehow managed to reduce our costs by over 33%. More than the savings, what really stands out is their service. In our fastmoving auto business, we can’t afford to be stuck on the phone with service issues. With Schooley Mitchell, that’s no longer a concern. We just reach out to Adam, and they take care of everything, letting us focus on our customers.

I highly recommend Adam and Schooley Mitchell. They don’t just save you money; they provide ongoing, top-notch service, just like us!

Best regards,

Mark Przybyszewski
Martin’s Tire and Auto Service