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To Whom It May Concern:


Over the past several years of my involvement with nonprofit organizations, I’ve realized that those in the nonprofit world are often asked to wear many hats. But the team at The Nonprofit Partnership in Erie, Pennsylvania, take supporting nonprofits to another level – they’re like a whole wardrobe, ready to offer the right piece of attire for every occasion. My first-hand experience with them came during a complex task – the process of transitioning a nonprofit I support from a 501(c)6 to a 501(c)3 organization. Their expertise was exactly the garment I needed.


From knowing which forms to fill out, to where I can find the forms, and how the entire process works, their insight and assistance was nothing short of spectacular.  This interaction led to me learning more about their organization and I was impressed with everything they offer.


They are instrumental in “Erie Gives,” an annual online giving event which raised over $8M in 2022, and the Keystone Nonprofit Conference (KeyCon), the premier professional conference for nonprofit staff and leadership in the Lake Erie region.


The Nonprofit Partnership is known for supporting their members in countless ways outside of these big events too. They offer educational resources, practical tools, and reliable assistance, acting as a one-stop-shop for anyone navigating the nonprofit sector. They’ve created an environment where everyone is empowered to grow and succeed.


It’s clear that The Nonprofit Partnership doesn’t just wear many hats – they customize each one to fit the unique needs of the nonprofits they serve. Their resources, expertise, and community spirit make them a valuable ally in the nonprofit world. I strongly recommend them to anyone in the sector looking for a wardrobe full of solutions.


Yours truly,



Adam Baker

Schooley Mitchell

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