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Jerry Sarno
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Schooley Mitchell can help:

You save MONEY without sacrificing service

Our model is risk-free, and our only compensation is a share of the savings we identify for you – money you are already spending with vendors. We realize these savings by implementing cost-effective solutions and cost-recovery measures for you.

You save TIME without increasing your payroll

We augment the efforts of your existing staff without adding payroll costs. There are no other fees for our service except for a share of the recovered money.

You benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and experience

As the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. Our growing network of cost reduction professionals, and our specialized analysis tools and databases, means our expertise is second-to-none.

You gain a sense of SECURITY through our objectivity

We are completely objective in assessing your current and future business needs, with no ties to any service provider. You can be confident you are getting the best advice to help you make the right decisions.

Numbers speak: We have produced over $540 million in documented savings for more than 26,000 clients across North America.

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Dr. John Kim, DMD
"We saved over 30% in our merchant services expense and nearly 50% in our telecom services that Schooley Mitchell consulted with us on. Additionally, they negotiated no termination fees for our telecom changes and procured a credit from our former vendor. We did not have to spend any of our valuable time with any of these vendors during the process, which was extremely valuable to us."
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Great Lakes Heart and Vascular Institute
"They analyzed our cost structure and business processes and recommended an excellent solution that saved our office nearly 25% and greatly improved the customer checkout experience and associated staff time to process payments. Our staff really appreciates the streamlined checkout process and our patients are also very happy."
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Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber
"Schooley Mitchell has been a strong advocate for chamber membership and we know they are always looking out for us to expand our reach in the community. They participate heavily in our networking events and activities and we appreciate the support we receive."
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St. Joseph Catholic Church
"We would highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any organization because of their professional, courteous, and very useful service. Schooley Mitchell allows our staff to focus on our parishioners needs."
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Child & Family Services of Southwestern Michigan, Inc.
"They immediately found us savings in one area, in addition to reviewing several other categories, and guided us through the negotiating process to capture those funds. We were able to reinvest into our programs and from our experience can recommend Schooley Mitchell to other organizations who wish to review opportunities for saving operating expense dollars."
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Riverside Electric
"After a thorough review of our services, they found us 51% savings and saved me personally so much time. I am very grateful to Schooley Mitchell and would recommend them to anyone who has a confusing and time intensive task ahead of them trying to figure out what their telecommunications are actually costing them."
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Thayer, Inc.
"They started out by analyzing our supplier contracts and services and immediately found savings opportunities. They also managed the changeover to the new suppliers which saved us about 40% over what we were previously paying."
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Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant
"Schooley Mitchell also has optimized our Merchant Services expenses, and because of their thorough analysis and recommendations, we are saving in excess of 20% on our monthly fees over what we were paying with our previous provider. We were able to keep our banking relationship intact, but did switch merchant providers to be able to save over $10,000 a year in credit card processing fees."
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Autobahn Imports, LLC
"Our rates are guaranteed and they have helped us with processes to ensure we maintain the best overall rates for our merchant services processing. We were able to keep our current banking relationship which was highly desirable for us."
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Printek Corporation
"We recently went through our Electronic Payments Processing operation and Jerry found us savings in our Merchant Services area in excess of 20% as well. He showed us where our former Merchant Services Provider used confusing and ambiguous statements to keep us from having the knowledge to understand our monthly statements."
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Professional Hearing Services
"Our new provider has given us clear, understandable terms, a 3 year agreement, and Schooley Mitchell will audit our statements quarterly to ensure we are being charged correctly and any errors are corrected quickly and efficiently. They also have given us valuable advice with our business processes so that we can be assured we are processing payments in the most effective and cost effective manner.
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Hannapel Home Centers
"Jerry Sarno of Schooley Mitchell has found us savings that we would not have otherwise been able to obtain. Schooley Mitchell has reduced our expenses across all of our telecom categories including our wireless costs."
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Brammall Supply Company
"In the process of working with Schooley Mitchell, they discovered that we had been paying for an old ISDN circuit which had been disconnected for over 3 years. Schooley Mitchell was able to negotiate with the carrier for a refund of 2 years of those charges we had paid, which resulted in a check for over $5,600 and the discontinuation of the monthly charges going forward!"
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Lake Michigan Catholic High School
"The analysis was completed in a timely fashion and we were able to reduce our telecom expense by greater than 50% year over year. Schooley Mitchell implemented the various changes to our plans and services in a manner that was the least disruptive to our environment."
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KJR Ventures, Inc
"Jerry found the right vendors, helped us build the business requirements based on what we needed and wanted, not what was important to the vendors. He helped us with the questions and answers the vendors needed to ask, and built the project plan around our time restraints, not those of the vendors."
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Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning
"Schooley Mitchell has been a valuable service for our business since we allowed them to help us. They do a very good job of taking care of our telecommunications needs and services and optimizing our expense dollars. We have renewed our agreement with them and they have worked on our behalf for over 5 years."
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SS John & Bernard Parish
"Jerry Sarno from Schooley Mitchell found savings that were beyond our expectations. He did a thorough job of investigating our current services, and provided excellent alternatives in order to save money. We will save more than 40% with plans and services negotiated by Schooley Mitchell. "
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Family Physicians - St. Joseph
"Not only will we save money to the order of greater than 70% on our overall annual telecom spend, Schooley Mitchell was actually able to increase service levels in our internet data line to double the prior capacity for less money than we were paying."
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B&Z Company
"Not only will we save money, they will audit our monthly cellular service and make adjustments when necessary to save money. In addition, the proposal we accepted retained our original provider which gave us a high level of confidence that our service levels would not be impacted because there was very little change except the savings we will realize."
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Birthright of St. Joseph, Inc
"Not only will Birthright save 35% over what we were previously paying each month but also Mr. Samo will audit our monthly services to make certain that we are being billed correctly in the future. We at Birthright highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any organization interested in considerable savings in their telecommunications billing."
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South Haven Public Schools
"Jerry Sarno from Schooley Mitchell found savings that were beyond our expectations. He did a thorough job of investigating our current cellular services, and provided excellent alternatives in order to save money."
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