Success looks different to everyone

When we are young, we often have a specific idea of what it means to be successful. Things like earning a big salary, owning a nice house, a luxury car or boat, etc. All the things grown-ups and the media tell us we are supposed to want. As we age, we often find that maybe those milestones aren’t actually what fulfills us; that success does not have one definition but many. 

Society often bombards us with standards and expectations, but true success isn’t about fitting into a mold; it’s about carving our own paths.  

Defining success in our lives. 

What exactly does success mean? The definition of success is, “the accomplishment of one’s goals.” Notice how it says nothing about money, a house, or a fancy car? That’s because success can take the form of whatever you choose for it to be. The sooner you embark on your journey of self-discovery, the sooner you can channel your time and energy into pursuits that genuinely resonate with you. 

Focus on what success looks like to you. 

A recent study by analytics company Gallup showed that individuals often, “have a nuanced definition of success – but think everyone else only cares about money.” Our backgrounds, cultures, and upbringing influence how we define success. But we need to reflect and determine if society’s goalposts work for us as individuals. 

For some, success means climbing the corporate ladder, earning big bucks, and achieving higher titles. But for others, it’s about finding joy in their hobbies – mastering a painting technique, reaching a fitness goal, or travelling to new places. Or maybe success is somewhere in between, whatever that might look like. Ultimately, success if what you decide it means to you. 

Success might look different one day. 

As you age or even complete some of your goals, you might find that they don’t fulfill you the way you thought they would. You might not even want to achieve them in the end. That’s because success isn’t static; it’s a journey, not a destination. 

Just because you’re not there yet, doesn’t mean you’ll never get there. Setbacks are lessons, not losses. It takes tenacity and determination to achieve any goal. 

In conclusion… 

Whether you’re reaching for the stars or enjoying life’s simple pleasures, your version of success is valid and worth celebrating. 

In the end, success is what makes you smile, what fills your heart with warmth, and what gives your life purpose. So, embrace your journey, embrace your uniqueness, and know that success looks different for everyone – that’s what makes it beautiful.