Cost reduction strategies for your business’ uniforms and linens

Uniforms and Linens are an essential service for many businesses, but how much does the average business really know about them? For many, laundry cleaning and uniform services are part of daily operations. So why do business owners struggle with finding and identifying savings opportunities? 

In this article, we are exploring the Uniforms and Linens industry, how valuable it is to keep an eye on your service needs, and the importance of maintaining relationships with vendors/providers.  

About the industry 

U.S. based Uniform and Linen supply companies have thousands of establishments and an estimated annual revenue of approximately $14 billon. These services can have a noticeable influence on your bottom-line.  

Outside the United States, international suppliers include: 

  • Bangladesh 
  • China 
  • Vietnam  
  • India 

While many businesses across all industries may require uniforms and linens, the most heavily targeted industries are: 

  • The hospitality industry 
  • Hospitals / Health Care Facilities 
  • Restaurants  

Uniforms and Linens are a significant expense 

While they might seem like a natural part of doing business, uniforms and linens can eat into your bottom line. For example, they can cost restaurants thousands of dollars monthly. 

Luckily, there are ways to save money. For example: 

  • Investing in high-quality – higher-quality linens last longer. Therefore, fewer replacements are needed down the road.  
  • Investing in washer/dryer maintenance and up-keep. 
  • Avoiding improper laundering – poor up-keep can damage the quality and lifespan of products. 

Another way to save on your uniforms and linens costs is to re-evaluate your contracts.  

Why are vendor/client relationships important? 

One of the key areas we look at when analyzing is if the vendor is fulfilling promises they made to the client. It is often found that businesses may have additional expenses that were not agreed upon in the beginning. Although this can be frustrating for our clients; it can make finding savings an easy task.  

Few business owners recognize there are possibilities for potential savings on this vital service. Although, there is a high demand for Uniform and Linen related services, costs can look vastly different for each client.  

Understanding vendor agreements 

Before signing any vendor agreement, having insight on the rates and services is essential. Vendor expenses typically include production, delivery, and restocking of inventory. There are also loss fees, which are applied when uniforms or linens are missing from inventory. As well as upgrade fees, when the inevitable wear and tear occurs.  

Rental is the cost-effective solution 

Uniform and linen rental is becoming widely known for its convenience. With no inventorial upfront costs and easier access to replacements/repairs, renting from a reliable source has become a preferred option to purchasing outright.  

Malfunctioning machinery and damaged products are all part of running a business, but unfortunately, this can happen at the most unexpected times. The benefit of renting is that machine maintenance and garment replacements are immediate, and on some occasions, free.  


If you are a new or are established business owner, it is important to keep in mind there are cost reduction solutions for your Uniforms and Linens needs. This being an essential service, awareness of the industry and personal vendor-requirements will ensure you are receiving the greatest deal. 

There is always room for savings.