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Thousands of businesses rely on fleet tracking software and electronic logging devices to keep their operations running smoothly. But it’s more than that – government regulations require some companies to utilize ELD to log duty status. The cost of these technologies can really add up.

Schooley Mitchell can help. As the largest independent cost reduction firm in North America, we are ELD and fleet tracking experts. We examine your entire system to recommend the configuration that satisfies both government regulations and your specific needs, while utilizing robust analysis tools and benchmarked data to ensure you’re receiving the best service at the best price.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does your fleet require ELD hardware?
  • Are you compliant with government regulations?
  • Are you overprovisioned and paying for features you don’t want or need?
  • Are you receiving the optimal service for your needs at the most competitive price?
  • Do you have software to recover past billing errors?
  • Do you have tools to optimize your expenses with market changes?

Our Services Involve:

  • NO risk – we either save you money – or validate your existing expenses with no fee
  • NO upfront cost – our fees are a portion of the savings only
  • NO disruption – the process is easy and requires very little of your time
  • NO obligation – you are in control and decide whether to accept our savings recommendations

Put Schooley Mitchell to work to streamline your operations and start saving money for you today!