Vendors – Evolving Markets

Our Evolving Markets program allows vendors to deliver value to our Consultants by providing them with reliable, up-to-date material directly from the source. Our Consultants do not receive kickbacks, commissions or residuals based on the vendor choices they recommend to their clients, so establishing a knowledge-rich relationship – including open communication access – is beneficial for vendors, Consultants and clients alike.

The Evolving Markets program gives vendors access to a portion of Schooley Mitchell’s intranet site for direct communication with our Consultants. Participating vendors control their own listings, so you will be secure in knowing the information provided to our Consultants is correct, complete and delivered in real time. You will save time and money by delivering market information to the ultimate business user – our clients.

We have over 100 vendors currently participating in the Evolving Markets program and expect that number to grow exponentially in the coming months. To enroll in Evolving Markets or receive more information, contact Julie Beaney at 1-888-311-6477 or via email.

Other program benefits include the ability to:

  • Upload documents to your own company page, including new product or service announcements
  • Present webinars to Consultants through our popular Knowledge Enhancement program
  • Post group announcements
  • Quote on projects posted to our Vendor Bid Board
  • Upload new promotions or discounted pricing platforms
  • Advertise directly to our Consultants
  • Forge and strengthen long-lasting relationships with our Consultants

Your information is secure, is not viewable to other vendors and will only be shared with our Consultants. Contact us today to find out more about this exciting program.

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