Knowledge Enhancement

Vendors drive the marketplace, and are the best source of information for our consultants. Service providers in all our expense categories are invited to present educational conference calls or webinars to our consultants through our Knowledge Enhancement program. This allows vendors to share information on current topics of interest, along with their own offerings. Presentations are usually an hour long and include time for a question period.

These sessions act as a bridge between the research and development capabilities of participating vendors to the end user via our consultants.

Major benefits of the program include:

  • Participating vendors can push new information directly to the marketplace through our consultants.
  • Our consultants are always fully educated about new developments, products and services.
  • Our business clients are the ultimate beneficiary through our knowledge of new opportunities and options to help increase their bottom lines.

Vendors that wish to participate in the Knowledge Enhancement program simply need to reach out to our Vendor Relations Manager Julie Beaney.