Recommendation Letter for Tina Cassidy of VPI Working Solutions

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation for Tina Cassidy, the hardworking and experienced regional manager of VPI Working Solutions in Bruce County, Ontario. Tina and her team help employers who are looking to recruit new talent and individuals seeking employment opportunities or training.

From budget management and team leadership, to strong community networking, and more, Tina has the skills and expertise that make her an incredibly effective regional manager. Tina’s outcome-based leadership style is paramount in the success of VPI Working Solutions of Bruce County at achieving its mission statement which includes helping Ontarians to improve job readiness, explore training, and get back to work.

The team at VPI Working Solutions are known for their patience, positive attitude, and commitment to assisting everyone who seeks their help. They truly care about the success of everyone they work with.

If you’re a job seeker or employer in Bruce County I highly recommend reaching out to Tina and her team at VPI Working Solutions.

Sincerely yours,
Miguel Cardenas

Optimization Specialist

Schooley Mitchell


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