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Identity-Theft-logo-HubbardWhen it comes to Identity Theft, Gary Kasper at Identity Theft Solutions knows exactly how to help people protect themselves from this ever-growing threat.

Most people think identity theft is a cash crime, but it’s really an information crime. We know to protect our belongings and valuable items, but we don’t always think to protect our personal information, especially online.

Personal identifying information like your birthday, address, SIN number, credit report, and insurance and banking details are all examples of information that can be stolen and used to commit fraud or gain other financial benefits.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the people committing the crime who benefit from the loss, corporations often make money from our vulnerability as well.

With things like virus protection software, Ransomware, and insurance policies, billions of people spend money trying to protect themselves.

That’s where Gary Kasper comes in. As CEO and industry expert, Gary explains that Identity Theft solutions is an education program that teaches people how identity theft works, what the solution is, and how they work together.

“Knowledge is free. Becoming a victim is expensive and painful. Being prepared is priceless,” he said.

This lesson comes from personal experience for Gary. In 2008 he discovered that there was a warrant out for his arrest for bad cheque writing from 1983.

He was instructed to pay the amounts owing or he could be arrested in the state of Texas. Gary was a victim of fraud. He was overseas in the military when this crime happened.

Gary realized he had previously purchased an identity theft protection package from a friend that he wasn’t using. So, he made a phone call, the company investigated the identity theft incident, and it was wiped from his record.

It was then that Gary realized that identity theft is a real problem, most people had no idea what it truly entailed, and he wanted to help.

Approximately 10,800 identities are stolen every hour and 7.9 billion Americans were directly affected by identity theft in 2019 alone.

“My goal is to help people protect themselves. You’re either ready for it or not,” Gary said.

It takes approximately six months and 200 working hours to resolve one issue, and that’s if you know what you’re doing. Not to mention the emotional and physical effects it has.

Identity Theft Solutions does the hard part for you and prepares you for such attacks. Gary offers 1-hour seminars that are broken down into four parts: learn, monitor, alert and restore. This is a proactive approach to protecting your identity, rather than a reactive one.

Gary is personally invested in helping to protect everyone who comes across his path. Once he receives a call, he will show up in person and conduct a seminar.

Identity Theft Solutions then provides clients with unlimited access to advisors and investigators so that their case is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As of today, Gary has published two books – “Identity Theft: The Road to Recovery” and “Dangers of Identity Theft and How To Protect Yourself.” He can be found at various speaking engagements around the United States.

If you or your company would like more information about Gary Kasper at Identity Theft Solutions, you can visit the website at

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