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When most people drop off their watches or jewelry for repairs, they don’t consider what happens to it next.

Oftentimes, it is being shipped out to be looked after by another company.

That is where Regard Jewelry shines. It does everything in-house and never send their clients precious pieces out of the store.

“Lots of stores don’t even have a jeweler in-house,” said Dan Schwieterman, the owner of Regard Jewelry in Austin, Texas.

From a young age, Schwieterman was exposed to the industry through his stepmother, who owned a jewelry shop.

After going to school for graphic design, Schwieterman quickly realized it wasn’t for him and went back to school which helped his jewelry skills flourish.

Later, Schwieterman and two of his friends, Matt Ervin and Daniel Allen, worked together at a local jewelry store. When the business went fully online, they decided they still wanted to make custom jewelry, and that is when Regard Jewelry was born.

Five years later, Regard Jewelry does it all. From custom design and 3D printing to full watch servicing and casting.

For Schwieterman, his favorite part of the job is being an owner and a jeweler. Clients come in with a design in mind and he is one of the talented artists that will help create it.

“You can stop in any day of the week and your stuff’s here … you can look at it, you can step back and see us working on it.”

Another thing that sets Regard Jewelry apart from others in the industry it its insurance appraisals. The team can get them done in approximately 24 hours, and they stand behind their work 100 percent.

“We deal with a lot of insurance companies where we do the appraisal, you send in your lost or stolen goods to them, and they contact us, and we go ahead and make the piece for them with no headache to you.”

For Regard Jewelry, the biggest challenge is getting the word out.

“We’re still a young company, so getting the word out that we’re here and everything we do is in-house has been kind of a big deal for us,” he said.

Recently, Regard Jewelry moved to a new space, which will allow them to continue to expand the business even more.

In the coming years, Schwieterman hopes to hire more staff, including two more in-house jewelers and another watchmaker.

While Regard Jewelry doesn’t consider itself a diamond store, it does have one of the largest in-house gemstone collections in the Austin area. Clients can walk in and pick the gemstones that will be used in their custom designed pieces.

At Regard Jewelry, it’s more than just providing exceptional service to their customers. Regard Jewelry also goes above and beyond to support its community as much as possible. It supports the local schools and Dell Children’s Hospital as much and as often as they can.

“We’re a small, family-owned business so pretty much if any school calls for something, we donate to it in some manner.”

To find out more about this great local business, visit its website at

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