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The focus of this issue of the 'Schooley Mitchell Business Education Network' is the video found by clicking the link below. Daniel Pink discusses some significant revelations regarding business performance and motivation that are very important to every business person.

To watch this video with Daniel Pink go to: View

Daniel Pink is also the author of the book called "Drive". We have included a short review for that book as well.

Your Motivation "Operating System" Needs an Upgrade

What drives any of us to perform at our best? Is it money, fear of punishment, reward or is it something more than that? I can't say that I had really thought too much about motivation unless it had to do with getting my son to clean his room and his bathroom. But once I started reading "Drive", I realized that Pink was right. It was time to upgrade my "Operating System" from one that has been too narrowly focused on reward and punishment to one that appealed to something bigger inside all of us; our intrinsic need for autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The introduction explains the meaning behind the title "Drive". The first drive is biological. It is the most basic and primitive and includes the need for food, drink, shelter and basic survival. The second drive is more external; reward and punishment. This is where psychologists, managers and parents have spent most of their time. But then, when a group of monkeys started playing with puzzles with enjoyment and focus, scientists realized that there might be another drive in all of us. This third drive is focused on the pure joy of performing the task. Pink explores all the different ways that this third drive expresses itself and the results both people and organizations achieved when they opened themselves up to this third drive.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Part I: A New Operating System: This section gives context and perspective. It will prepare you for the information that is yet to come.

  • Part II: The Three Elements: Now that you understand the need for an upgrade, the second section goes into a great bit of detail, supported by studies and real-life examples, of how autonomy, mastery and purpose can drive performance, fulfillment and profits way up.

  • Part III: The Type I Toolkit: This is where you get the opportunity to put all your learning into action. This section includes: Strategies for Awakening Motivation, Paying People the Type I way, a reading list of 15 Essential Books, and 4 Tips for Getting and Staying Motivated to Exercise (for those of you who have set a fitness goal in the new year).

Drive is Worth Savoring

Reading "Drive" was like walking into a buffet where I nibbled on stories, case studies and examples from business, economics, psychology, sociology and science about what drives us to perform at our best. It provided a creative way to drive your performance up while the rest of the economy is down.

Reviewed by Ivana Taylor

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