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Last year we reviewed Robin Sharma’s book “The Leader Who Had No Title”.  In this book Sharma hypothesizes that regardless of what you do within your organization and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership where you are planted, and play at peak in all you do. This book discusses how to claim that power.

Sharma recently gave a television interview during the weeks leading up to the Canadian federal election.  During this interview he provides insight into what makes a great leader and how we can spot a person’s leadership style and abilities by observing them.  There are many take-aways from this interview that can apply to everyone’s personal and business lives.  Sharma is an advocate of the theory that great leadership is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

To watch the video go to:  Robin Sharma Interview

“….Commit to excellence. Become massively innovative and wear your passion on your sleeve. They might call you different or weird or even crazy. But please remember, every great leader (or visionary or brave thinker) was initially laughed at. Now they are revered.” – Robin Sharma

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