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People matter, which is why talent attraction and retention is one of the most pressing issues in today’s business world. There is a plethora of challenges, including competitive job markets, the digitization of human resources and balancing the expectations of a multigenerational workforce, to name just a few.

Gone are the days when workers were keen to take any old job. Just as employers are evaluating applicants, applicants are also evaluating the company itself. Corporate culture is becoming one of the most important aspects of attracting – and keeping – the best and the brightest.

There are steps that every organization can take to create an appealing environment where employees thrive, says former Netflix chief talent officer Patty McCord in a TED Talk. It means letting go of the control, focusing on trust, embracing change and practicing what you preach.

To learn more, watch Eight Lessons on Building a Company People Enjoy Working For.


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