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You run in to pick up a jug of milk, only to be faced with a trek to the back of the store to grab what you need. For such a commonly purchased staple, why do they keep it so tucked away?

Some people say it’s to trick us into throwing a few more items in our basket on the way down the aisle. Others claim it’s done for efficiency purposes. So which one is it? Is a business model based on disrupting customers’ shopping patterns really a sustainable thing? Does hiding the milk at the back offer any benefit to the store other than removing money from your wallet?

In this issue of the Pulse, we share a Planet Money podcast where food writer Michael Pollan and economist Russ Roberts have a friendly debate over milk placement, and call a few industry pros to get their take – and truth – on the situation.

To learn more, listen to Why is the Milk in the Back of the Store?

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