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When it comes to social media, getting caught up in the number of “Likes” or Retweets a post receives can happen all too easily. Sensational posts can become the go-to for businesses looking to create attention. Concentrating on clicks rather than content, however, isn’t the best way to build a brand that customers trust.

In order to become a thought leader in your industry, creating and sharing valuable content over social media is of utmost importance. In today’s technologically focused culture, having a solid digital strategy in place is a necessity for any business. Focusing on producing quality content that serves current and potential customers will prove far more lucrative in the long-run than grabbing for attention.

Social media is an invaluable tool for supporting sales and marketing efforts, increasing demand for services and improving communications. In order to build web presence and brand recognition, it is extremely important to engage multiple social media platforms and keep them updated on a regular basis. That being said, the emphasis should be placed on delivering valuable posts rather than creating a large volume of content that is devoid of real meaning. Quality, not quantity, is paramount. Before sharing new content you should always ask yourself, “Will this post educate, empower or connect with people?” If the answer is “no,” then wait until you find something better. You strive for greatness in business, so don’t settle for anything less online.

The ultimate goal of creating an online presence is to build relationships that lead to sales. Don’t use social media solely as a means of self-promotion. In order to avoid turning your timeline into a billboard, follow an 80/20 rule for content creation. No more than 20 percent of your posts should be used to promote or sell. Instead of making claims about your services or products, posting high-quality content at least 80 percent of the time will showcase the true value of your business. The best way to get information read is to share content your readers will value. If the content being shared helps people to improve their knowledge or skills, solve problems, or understand your business better, then it’s adding value. Giving back to your followers by providing them with educational and enriching materials will be a refreshing change from the usual fluff that fills up their news feed.

Social media, and the Internet in general, is all too often a frenzy of communication without substance. Achieve more than just fleeting attention by sharing content that will help improve the lives of your followers in some way. Stand out from others in your industry by gearing your digital strategy towards creating and adding value. By doing so, you will gain lasting trust and respect. That kind of brand loyalty can’t be bought through advertizing.


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