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Welcome to our Business Education Network, we have developed the Pulse as a means to deliver complimentary, high-level business information to our clients, prospects, and personal contacts, helping them keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing, dynamic business world of today.
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As Paul J. Meyer, who many consider the pioneer of the self-improvement industry, said "productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort."

In this issue of the Pulse, we discuss working from home and how to be as productive as possible despite the change of scenery and distractions you may face.

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In 2010, Hollywood's sci-fi-action thriller Inception won an Academy Award built around the far-out plot that a spy could implant an idea into someone else's head and make them believe it was their own.

The reality is, salespeople do this every single day. The best ones follow a formula, like the one outlined in Oren Klaff's latest book, Flip the Script.

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