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Welcome to our Business Education Network, we have developed the Pulse as a means to deliver complimentary, high-level business information to our clients, prospects, and personal contacts, helping them keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing, dynamic business world of today.
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When technology is useless or broken, you can just throw it away. When it comes to idea technology, however, discarding concepts and beliefs isn't always as simple. Adam Smith, the father of the industrial revolution, built the factory system around the false idea that humans wouldn't do anything useful unless you incentivize them with pay. His false ideas set up a system of production that was demeaning and soulless in which people had no choice but to operate.

In this issue of The Pulse, we share a TED Talk by Barry Schwartz discussing the integral role the social sciences play in creating a working environment that provides rewards beyond a pay check. We design human nature by designing the institutions in which people live and work, but the way we currently think about work is broken. Now, it's time to fix it.

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