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Welcome to our Business Education Network, we have developed the Pulse as a means to deliver complimentary, high-level business information to our clients, prospects, and personal contacts, helping them keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing, dynamic business world of today.
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Gambling on a new idea makes some people feel courageous, while others feel riddled with anxiety. No matter how you respond, learning to take calculated, well-planned risks can pay off in the long run.

We need to take risks to get ahead, but not all risk is created equal. In this issue of The Pulse, we share five risks you should never hesitate to take.

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Giving more than you receive has always been a noble pursuit. But did you know that simple act can lead to a substantially more prosperous professional life?

In this issue of The Pulse, we examine Adam Grant's new book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, shedding light on why givers rise to the top and how we can adopt their practices to create more fruitful relationships.

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