Client Quick Summaries

Township of McKellar

The Township of McKellar retained Schooley Mitchell optimization specialists Neil Brady and Adam Stauffer to examine its telecom services for cost savings. Their independent audit included a detailed review of local services, long distance, Internet and wireless accounts.

“We were very pleased to see a 28 percent yearly reduction on our telecom spend,” said Shawn Boggs, Township of McKellar clerk administrator. “The only work from our end was to provide our various account numbers and Schooley Mitchell looked after all the rest including the implementation of our new rates and discounts.”

Salvation Army Grace Manor

Schooley Mitchell’s Neil Brady and Adam Stauffer undertook a telecommunications analysis of Salvation Army Grace Manor’s services and expenses. They uncovered significant savings on every account, reducing annual costs by 45 percent.

“Schooley Mitchell provided us professional and cost-effective telecommunications analysis which is particularly helpful when you do not have telecom staff in-house,” said Jeff Querel, director of finance. “Our experience with Schooley Mitchell has been first-rate.”

Briway Carriers

Schooley Mitchell optimization specialists Neil Brady and Adam Stauffer discovered big savings for Briway Carriers. After a telecom audit, the consultants were able to deliver annual savings of over 40 percent, and also assisted with the installation of additional lines and amalgamation of multiple accounts.

“We also enjoy using your team as a trusted point of contact for all things related to telecom so we can ensure our services stay optimized,” said Jeff English, Briway Carriers vice president of operations.

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