Client Quick Summaries

Buckley Cartage Ltd.

Buckley Cartage aims to deliver reliable and responsive service to customers by giving 100 per cent effort at all times. However, it doesn’t like paying more than it should for its telecom expenses. Rick Fearman of Schooley Mitchell reviewed its cellular phones and was able to reduce expenses by a whopping $13,000 per year.

“… They did it with minimal time and effort on our part,” said Bart Buckley, company president. “We feel confident knowing that Schooley Mitchell will be keeping an eye on this category for us going forward, always being motivated to help us take advantage of new solutions and pricing which will reduce our expenses and improve productivity.”


Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce is always looking for new ways to lower its operating expenses, and was keen when Rick Fearman of Schooley Mitchell offered to undertake an audit of its business communication services. After reviewing the existing phone, fax, Internet, long distance and cellular plans, Fearman was able to present recommendations resulting in an immediate 25 per cent expense reduction.

“We feel the independent and objective services offered by Rick Fearman of Schooley Mitchell have been valuable to the Chamber,” said CEO Leslie Walker. “In an area where things are changing so quickly, we just do not have the time or inclination to monitor the telecom services the way that Rick can.”


West Photo Inc.

West Photo is a small operation with just four employees. When Rick Fearman sat down to review its business communications services, the company was skeptical that significant savings could be found. Much to president David West’s surprise, Fearman was able to deliver 30 per cent reduction in cost for its local landlines and long distance, all while retaining important features like call display and voice mail. He also provided recommendations on how to reduce cellular and Internet costs.

“We are happy to have Schooley Mitchell watching our voice and data usage going forward as it is an ever-changing environment that we just do not have the time or the inclination to monitor,” said West. “Schooley Mitchell has the extensive knowledge of how to deal with the phone companies to give us the comfort we are getting the best plans at the best prices to suit our business.”

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