Client Quick Summaries

Evans & Dixon LLC

It was a busy time for law firm Evans & Dixon when it retained the services of Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Geoff Poli. The firm was getting ready to relocate its headquarters and Poli took control of the transition, including soliciting bids and negotiating prices and terms for its telecom services. In the end, he came back with a significant savings on voice and data totalling $125,000 over three years. An additional reduction of 32 per cent was realized on the firm’s cell phone voice and data plans. Poli also guided them through the purchase and implementation of a new phone system, presenting  the firm with the most cost-effective solution that met the needs of the business.

“The process of telecom expense management can be a time consuming and sometimes tedious process,” said Jeff Sheldon, Evans & Dixon Chief Information Officer. “The team at Schooley Mitchell made the process much smoother for me.”

Christensen Construction Company

Christensen Construction Company was thrilled with the 35 per cent cost reduction obtained by Schooley Mitchell’s Geoff Poli. What they enjoy even more is that Poli continues to monitor their telecom expenses on an ongoing basis, meaning they no longer have to make sense of the unsolicited sales pitches they often receive from providers.

“As complicated as the cell phone plans are and as often as the companies change the plans that they offer, it is great having someone who understands the business taking care of things for us,” said Kenny Knipp, Christensen’s business manager.

Union City Insurance Agency Inc.

Union City Insurance Agency is enjoying a reduction of over 22 per cent on its telecommunications expenses after a review by Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Geoff Poli. Along with the cost-savings, Poli uncovered a number of billing errors on its accounts and was able to recover the unauthorized charges. The agency was pleased with the detailed report it received clearly outlining all of its services and their actual costs.

“There was minimal time invested into the process on our end,” said Robert Joyner, Westan Insurance Group senior vice president of information systems. “We simply provided three months of bills from all of our service providers and he did the rest.”

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