Community Involvement

Schooley Mitchell has a strong focus on community involvement. Jeffrey Barlow takes pride in contributing to following organizations and causes in his area:


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mountain west capital network



Project Bryce

As an incentive to beat a brain tumor, Bryce was given the gift of a Boosted board from the collective support of his friends and family.

ā€œ[This will] incentivize me to get better after a surgery to remove a tumor in my head that will leave me without one of my balance centers and I will have to learn to walk and be stable again. It will really help me to do what I have to do to get past whatever limitations I am left with after the surgery.

I love this board! I love that I actually have one! I love the people who gave it to me! I love the feeling of pure enjoyment that I get out of riding it! (Powered Carving on a Saturday afternoon is pretty amazing as Iā€™m sure you well know!)ā€

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