Matt Denburg – Professional Profile

The telecommunications industry suffers from such a high turnover rate, when you call your phone company you never know if you’ll speak to the same representative twice.

That’s why Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Matt Denburg is pleased he’s able to offer his clients consistency in their telecom dealings, giving them a reliable, objective source to turn to time and again.

“I make sure I’m present and available so my clients know they’ve got someone to depend on,” says the Orange County-based consultant. “They really appreciate the peace of mind that comes along with knowing someone is looking out for their needs.”

Denburg knows how hard it can be for businesses to keep tabs on their telecom costs. Though he has a background in sales and management, he experienced some of his biggest personal challenges while running his own construction firm.

“I was focused on the other side of the business – how to make it profitable, and how to manage my staff, expenses and overhead,” he says. “We tried to shop our telecommunications expenses ourselves, and in hindsight, I know we did a poor job, I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

There are still too many companies that are paying too much for their telecom services. Some studies estimate as many as 80 percent of companies have billing errors on their invoices.

Resellers and vendor representatives have only their best interests in mind, so there is a real need for unbiased, independent advice, says Denburg.

He recalls one client who contacted him with rising frustrations about their phone and Internet service. Their unhappiness was understandable considering their service would go down every time it rained, making it impossible to conduct business.

Denburg addressed the service issues and arranged for improvements to cabling that connected the client’s building. But what they didn’t expect was the additional savings he produced – a 40 percent reduction in costs for their telephone, cellular and Internet services, along with a 500 percent increase in bandwidth.

“Since they were only looking to have the service issue corrected, they were exceptionally thrilled,” Denburg says of his client’s reaction. “They were surprised to learn how much money could be saved.”

Another company saw a 40 percent reduction in wireless costs and a 50 percent decrease in its landline costs after Denburg completed a detailed analysis, which shaved over $5,000 off its monthly spend.

Right now the industry is undergoing what he calls a “cell phone shake-up” with the major carriers dramatically slashing the cost of their offerings, eliminating contracts and focusing in on data-based plans.

In the future, he expects businesses to run into roadblocks as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) transitions to IP-based service. Denburg predicts many won’t be able to make sense of it and will have difficult time managing their technology.

His role as a consultant is constantly evolving with changes in the industry, but there’s one thing that stays the same – his relationships with his clients.

“I get so much satisfaction out of seeing the look of relief on my clients’ faces when I tell them I’ll take care of it,” he says. “When I walk through the door, they’re happy to see me and that’s a great feeling.”

Outside of work, Denburg stays busy as a volunteer ambassador with the Brea Chamber of Commerce, along with acting as the educational coordinator for his BNI chapter. He is also an avid skier and competitive disc golf player. He loves to cook, and names barbecue and fish tacos as two of his specialties.

When asked to provide business owners with a valuable tip, he borrows a concept from the book In Search of Excellence, suggesting that they to stick to the knitting. Translation? Stay focused on the business you know.

“You need to understand the value of your time and what you’re good at,” he explains. “Determine what you should do yourself and what is best being delegated to someone else. Stick to the core competency you’re good at.”

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