Client Quick Summaries

Central Roofing

Central Roofing has been in business for over two decades, and prides itself on providing the best service in the industry. The company knew it was not keeping an eye on its telecom costs, and engaged Matt Denburg of Schooley Mitchell to undertake an audit of its telephone, Internet and wireless services. He was able to reduce costs by 20 percent, while increasing bandwidth by 500 percent and adding several new features to its phone system.

“Matt is always there for us to handle carrier service issues, order replacement phones or just to answer a question” said Marcia Kumashita, of Central Roofing. “It’s comforting to know that Matt and the Schooley Mitchell team are there to make sure that we are always getting the best value and performance for our communications systems.”


JT Shipping Corporation

A review of telecom expenses on behalf of JT Shipping Corporation revealed a billing error that had gone undetected for 24 months. Schooley Mitchell’s Matt Denburg was able to work with the provider to correct the issue and obtain a full refund.

“After gaining a thorough understanding of our telecommunications needs, Matt provided us with an objective and risk-free analysis of our telecom environment that did not cost our company anything,” said Julia Hawksworth, President of JT Shipping. “Anyone considering having Matt review their telecom expenses has nothing to lose, as he can only improve your bottom line.”


Reliable Equipment Inc.

A comprehensive review of the telecommunications services used by Reliable Equipment Rental Inc. resulted in some serious price reductions. Schooley Mitchell’s Matt Denburg was able to find savings of 25 percent on the company’s landline, 33 percent on cellular, and 45 percent on Internet services.

“The best part was that we did not have to do any of the hard work – that was all done by Schooley Mitchell, and we reaped the great results,” said Susan Bowers, of Reliable Equipment. “We also have the added comfort of knowing that Matt is continuing to monitor our expenses going forward and will present new opportunities for savings as they arise.”

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