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Chris Lopez

Mahwah, New Jersey

Voice: 201-778-0277

Cell: 760-470-2516

Website: schooleymitchell.com/clopez

North America’s Largest Independent Cost Reduction Company

Merchant Services
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“Schooley Mitchell and Chris Lopez lived up to their billing.  We had a great experience.  It also didn’t take a lot of our time yet they identified enormous savings so far in merchant services (38%), cell phones (17%), and business phones (56%).  I HIGHLY recommend them to our members.”

Bob Briant, Jr. CEO, UTCA

Over the past 40 years, we’ve learned that our 21,000 clients all like to find savings, but lack the time, tools, and expertise to optimize their indirect operating expenses. This may include overpayments, billing errors, or re-negotiated contracts.

If you incur costs such as telecom, waste disposal, fleet tracking systems, merchant processing, or shipping, let us do right by you as we did for Bob Briant, Jr. and the UTCA.


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