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Keep More of Your Parking Revenue – Risk Free!

We are passionate about saving money for our clients. Using proprietary software and tools, we negotiate and implement pricing agreements to reduce operating expenses for essential services including reducing credit card processing costs. Because we are independent of all vendors and act only with your best interests in mind, we keep clients with their incumbent processor in 83% of cases – just at a new lower rate.

Our service includes:

  1. A comprehensive report which contains a review of your current processing costs, and
  2. Processors’ quotes of the best rates and terms for your business’ profile considering your point-of-sale system and other requirements.

If we don’t find savings for you, there is no fee for our services. If we do find savings you authorize us to implement, you’ll incur no out-of-pocket expense and Schooley Mitchell’s fees are self-funded out of the savings generated.

  1. Best of all, we continually monitor your statements to identify billing errors and ensure your rates remain optimized.

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada. On average, we reduce essential business service expenses by 27-28% and have delivered over $340 million in documented savings to our more than 20,000+ clients to date. We work in all currencies.

Here’s what out clients are saying

Since our gross revenue is almost entirely generated through credit card transactions, it has greatly affected our bottom line. We have seen savings month after month with detailed audits and reports showing us exactly what we’ve saved. Nate H., CFO

I learned more about merchant services from the first Schooley Mitchell report, than I have understood my entire career. Lynn W., Controller

We regularly monitor our systems and expenses, but the offer made by Schooley Mitchell to provide an expert review of these expenses, with no out-of-pocket cost or obligation our part, made sense to us. We are very happy with the results. Schooley Mitchell ended up saving us significant money. Brad L., President