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When it comes to business, Schooley Mitchell Consultants Bill and Sue Wolsky have been on the front lines. They know having efficient and cost-effective communications services are crucial to a successful operation and for maximizing profit for any business.

“We have a great base of understanding from an organizational point of view and a practical point of view,” Bill explains. “We know the importance of having everything work the way it needs to for your company.”

With over 30 years of professional experience in purchasing, management, and accounting, the Schooley Mitchell staff has a special focus on total customer service. In fact, it’s the value on which the business is built.

Dealing with everyday services such as telephones, mobile devices, long distance, Internet and credit card processing can be time consuming and confusing.

Since the recession hit, the Wolskys have witnessed the market being flooded with telecom sales representatives and resellers who work on commission and may not have the customer’s best interests in mind. Their presence and persistence makes navigating service options even more puzzling for business owners. Telecom reps and resellers are paid based on what they sell, whereas Schooley Mitchell consultants are paid on what they save.

“Their job is to make as much money as possible,” says Bill. “In the end, they sell something to you, implement and run away because they’re onto the next sale.

“Even though they said they would take care of you, you never know if what they have sold you has been implemented correctly or if it is going to be billed correctly. You never know if it’s really what you needed.”

A plan that looks like a great deal this week can skyrocket in price just months down the road. That’s why the ongoing relationship and continued support the Wolskys offer their clients is so important.

“We know the whole story because we’re involved in all of it,” says Bill. “We’re in the trenches with our clients every month. We’re going to do all the work.”

And that work is often fruitful. One client had contracted new services through a third party when the company’s telecom system was upgraded. After a thorough audit, the Wolskys found that several of the old circuits were never disconnected, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in overpayments to the provider.

The Wolskys recovered $26,000 for the client. Combined with the reduction in cost from optimizing their services, the company saved $215,000 in just 30 months.

Sadly, it wasn’t a unique instance. They recall another client who had been working with another company to manage its telecom. When the Wolskys examined their services, they found a circuit no longer in use that had still been billed for many years to the tune of $17,000.

The Wolskys recovered the incorrect payments, plus $34,000 more after optimizing the client’s services.

“It took us six months to figure out what they did wrong,” Bill says, of the company the client had worked with previously. “Most customers would give up on it, but we won’t because it’s just not right.”

Because telecom changes so quickly, they keep a close eye on industry trends. The Wolskys expect more businesses to migrate to Voice Over Internet Protocol services (VoIP), and continue to increase their use of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

But choosing the most efficient and appropriate services will continue to be a challenge, one that illustrates the need of having an objective, independent advocate on your side.

“Our goal for each client is to make sure they receive the correct services they need from the most qualified service providers at the lowest market costs,” says Bill. “Not just one time, but each month, all while providing total customer service for any customer question, service issue, billing errors and audits.”

“We get the best cost from the best vendors, and make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to,” says Bill. “We do it right the first time, and make sure it stays that way.”

In their spare time, the Wolskys enjoy spending time with their family and four grandchildren. They are involved with their church, where Sue sings with the worship team.

They are proud members of their local Chamber of Commerce, and have sat on several committees. Bill is a current member of the Board of Directors.

The most satisfying part of their work is helping clients save money and time, allowing them to focus on what really matters most: growing their business.

“To be able to tell our clients they are now paying the correct amount – the least you possibly can – and your services issues have gone away … it’s great,” says Bill. “Their gratitude toward us is incredible. It feels good to help and to know each client is being treated with respect as we value them as business associates and friends.”

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