Our Client Success Stories

Faulkner, King & Wenz PCS

Our client, Faulkner, King & Wenz PSC, is a well known and respected Accounting Firm in Central Kentucky, providing financial statement audits, compilation and review of financial statements, consulting, income tax preparation and planning services for individuals, partnerships, corporations, fiduciaries and other business entities as well as Peer Review Services for other accounting firms.

Schooley Mitchell works on their behalf to make sure that all their communication services are operating correctly at all times since tax deadlines are critical.  Schooley Mitchell helps to solve any service related issue that may occur so that the partners can provide the accounting services to their clients with a minimum amount of disruption.   By reviewing all their telecom invoices and providing recommendations Schooley Mitchell has been able to lower their local, long distance, and internet service costs by 35%.  As with all our clients, we worked with their providers to implement all the required changes without disruption to their work and with as little effort on their part as possible.

In addition to assisting with any issues regarding their services, Schooley Mitchell receives all their telecom invoices monthly to make sure that their costs are correct and to review the services to see if any further cost savings could be achieved.  Faulkner, King & Wenz understands the value that Schooley Mitchell has brought to them, not only in actual savings on the expenses, but also the savings of their time dealing with telecom vendors.  They appreciate the peace of mind that they have knowing that Schooley Mitchell is watching their costs monthly to insure that they receive the correct services from quality vendors at the lowest current market price.

White Peck Carrington, LLP Attorneys At Law

Our client, White Peck Carrington, LLP, is the latest practice entity in a continuing law practice that began in 1862 in Mount Sterling, KY.  They are a regional leader in the general practice of law including civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, domestic relations, criminal law, financial institutions law, business organizations, probate, commercial and business law, estates and trusts with eight practicing attorneys plus staff.


Alan Peck as the managing partner needed someone that he could trust to provide an expert yet objective view of the telecom services for the firm which included not only local, long distance, and internet services, but also maintenance contracts on an aging phone system and provide advice on a possible change of that phone system.  Schooley Mitchell was a great choice since our model is built on being totally objective and independent with no ties to any telecom service provider or hardware vendor.    Through our analysis of their phone system and contracts we were able to recommend no change in the phone system and a recommendation which provided an 80% decrease in their maintenance agreement.

Over time our optimization of their local, long distance, and internet services provided monthly savings to the firm of 45%.  All of these savings were done through plan changes and discounts with their current vendors so that there was no disruptions or changes in any of their current services.

Schooley Mitchell continues to monitor all the monthly telecom expenses for White Peck Carrington to make sure that they are receiving the correct services and costs for their firm as well as assisting them with any questions or issues that involve communications.

State Farm

Our client, Mark Smith State Farm Insurance, is a top notch full service Insurance Agency in Mt. Sterling KY, helping many clients with all their insurance needs.


Mark needed someone that he could rely on and trust so he could concentrate on providing great insurance coverage for his clients instead of listening to solicitations from telecom resellers.  Schooley Mitchell became his telecom expert.  We reviewed his current telecom invoices, conducted a review of each cost and provided him with an accurate snapshot.  Through our knowledge of the marketplace we were able to provide him with recommendations which provided him with 28% savings on his costs. We handled all the required changes so that they were transparent to his employees and his clients and without disruption to his daily activities.

We continue to review his monthly invoices for accuracy, making sure that his services match the needs of his business, and that the costs he pays continue to be the lowest market cost. He now refers all those telecom calls to us while he concentrates on his core business, knowing that we will be acting on his behalf and in his best interest.  We provide him with our personal customer service for any question or issue regarding his communications services.  Mark is very appreciative of Schooley Mitchell’s ability to not only save him money but also time.

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