Client Quick Summaries

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank called its decision to have Schooley Mitchell’s Bill and Sue Wolsky undertake a telecommunications audit a “no-brainer” since the only cost was a share of any found savings. It was truly a no-risk review.

“They provided us with a report summarizing the analysis along with each recommendation and action plan that would result in savings,” said Curt Steger, Commonwealth Co-President and Co-CEO. “The savings that were achieved were beyond our expectations and well worth the nominal time involved by us.”


Apollo Oil

Apollo Oil is extremely happy with the savings provided by Bill and Sue Wolsky, which have added directly to their profits. Their Schooley Mitchell team conducted a thorough analysis of their telecom expenses including telephone, long distance, cell phones and internet.

“I can heartily recommend the Schooley Mitchell approach and Bill and Sue in particular,” said Ed Dotson, Vice-President and CFO of Apollo Oil. “We have seen only good things from the world they have performed.”


The Walker Company

The Walker Company regards Bill and Sue Wolsky as trusted partners in business, and looks to them whenever they are in need of information or expertise related to telecommunications. All of the cost-saving implementations were handled through Schooley Mitchell, causing no disruption to their business and spending very little of their time.

“Bill and Sue have operated in the best interest of our company,” said CFO Jeff Puckett. “Their value is shown by the savings we have achieved.”


Montgomery County Health Department

Montgomery County Health Department appreciated the time that Bill and Sue Wolsky of Schooley Mitchell took to learn about its needs as a provider of health services. The Wolskys were able to produce a 40 percent reduction in the agency’s long distance costs, all while maintaining the appropriate service levels.

“They handled all the implementation of our new service, which was transparent to our employees,” said Dave Carney. “We know they will continue to look for new opportunities to help us save money.”


Coffman Mortuary Parlor

Coffman Mortuary Parlor was pleased with the outcome of Schooley Mitchell’s review of its telecom expenses. Bill and Sue Wolsky uncovered savings of 40 percent, and seamlessly implemented the changes.

“Bill and Sue now continue to review our invoices monthly so that we can concentrate on our business,” said Josh Coffman. “We highly recommend their services to any other business that needs to lower costs – don’t we all?”

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