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Managing telephones, mobile devices, long distance, Internet and credit card processing on a daily basis can be a daunting task. This is why Schooley Mitchell Strategic-Partners David and Susan Laiewski are using their extensive experience dealing with vendors and service providers to help local businesses navigate the oftentimes confusing world of telecommunications and merchant services.

“Our clients truly appreciate the work we put in to optimize their systems,” says David. “They also have peace of mind knowing they call us with any question, issue or request and we will resolve it with their providers on their behalf.”

This husband and wife team worked for a fortune 500 company for over 25 years before starting their Schooley Mitchell franchise. They both served as IT directors, during which time they acquired a great deal of knowledge related to both the technical and management side of IT.

As Schooley Mitchell consultants, David and Susan have built their business around helping their clients save time and money. David fondly remembers one of their earliest success stories. They found significant savings for their CPA, who also happened to be their first client.

“Our CPA was a little hesitant because his largest client provided his voice service,” explains David. “He agreed to let us conduct a full analysis of his systems, provided we did not change his local and long distance provider. We ended up reducing his costs by 42 percent, and he was quite pleasantly surprised!”

The telecom industry is continually changing, and the South Carolina-based consultants look forward to serving as objective, independent advocates for their clients. As markets evolve, the Laiewskis will be there to find the most efficient and appropriate services available.

Changes to local and long distance rates, increased migration to Voice over Internet Protocol services (VoIP) and electronic faxing, as well as increased availability of fibre Internet are some of the trends David and Susan predict to see in the near future.

“According to recent conversations with providers, local and long distance prices will be dropping dramatically over the next 12 months,” says David. “This will not only give us the ability to save more money for our new clients, but for our existing clients as well.”

“As VoIP becomes more stable and data networks improve, we will be able to offer this service to clients with more confidence, and electronic faxing will complete the move to VoIP,” continues David. “Additionally, in our area, Internet service providers are improving their ability to deliver fibre to more customers at a competitive price.”

David and Susan are always excited to educate their clients about new technologies, and eagerly serve as the go-to experts for all of their telecom and merchant services needs.

The Laiewskis share a passion for music, and enjoy listening to it together to unwind at the end of a long day. When they have some spare time, Susan can often be found curled up with a good book while David, a self-professed tech geek, almost always has multiple side projects on the go.

David and Susan are both actively involved in their community. They are proud members of the Greenville and Greer South Carolina Chamber of commerce, and have aided in the planning of numerous events. They are also yearly participants and volunteers in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in the Upstate South Carolina Area.

In the fall, the Laiewskis served as a collection station for the Harvest Hope food drive. During the holiday season, they volunteered for the Operation Santa program, which delivers gifts and clothing to underprivileged children.

David and Susan’s work as Schooley Mitchell consultants has brought them a great deal of joy. They value helping people above all else, and it shows in the way they do business.

“We both really enjoy working with our clients,” says David. “Each company or organization has a completely different way of managing their environment. We love the challenge of finding the best prices and services available for our clients, as well as getting to know them on a personal level.”

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