Professional Profile – Scott Brennan

Schooley Mitchell consultant Scott Brennan knows first-hand how important cost savings are to business owners. Having owned several businesses himself, he understands that any found savings can make all the difference in return on investment.

Scott provides risk-free analysis and cost reduction in several areas including telephones, cell phones, fax lines, Internet and credit card processing expenditures. These are areas many business owners know very little about, but Scott is here to help. “Schooley Mitchell provides its clients with the peace of mind of knowing their business will always be well managed in the areas of telecom and electronic payment processing,” says Scott.

Before becoming the owner of a Schooley Mitchell franchise with his wife Louise, the Denver-based consultant enjoyed a diverse career. Scott served in the U.S. Air Force flying B-52s, was the president of two community banks, served as managing partner at a law firm and owned a multi-location education business. His background has provided him with vast experience in client relations and building trust.

“Taking care of clients and managing organizations is a specialty of mine,” explains Scott. “I put an emphasis on providing top level customer service to my Schooley Mitchell clients.”

Scott has delivered substantial savings to many happy clients since starting his business. One of his favorite success stories involves a small business owner who was quite sure Scott would not be able to save him any money, as he had been managing his business in the automotive industry for over 30 years. Scott was able to find and implement a 60 percent reduction in his merchant services spend, and his client was thrilled.

Another client success story Scott recalls is about a non-profit he is very close to and believes strongly in. He was able to completely redesign their phone system across seven locations, saving them thousands of dollars every year and providing them with features and reliability they never thought possible.

Stories like these are what Scott enjoys most about being a Schooley Mitchell consultant. “I love delivering results to clients and knowing that I have improved their financial situation,” shares Scott.

Technologies within the telecom and credit card processing industries are rapidly advancing. According to Scott, the only rule of thumb is that change is constant. Staying current with these ever-changing services can be overwhelming for business owners, which is why having an expert like Scott on their side is so beneficial.

Increased popularity and reliability of VoIP systems is one trend Scott has observed within the telecom industry. “With the proliferation of the Internet and broadband connections, VoIP systems are becoming more common and clients are learning to trust them,” says Scott. “Many of my clients have VoIP systems in place when we begin our work for them, but we can almost always improve their situation and reduce their cost.”

Concentrating on cost reduction is crucial for any business. “Businesses are typically so focused on their own daily challenges, which are commonly on the revenue side of their business, that they place minimal value on the opportunity to save money on the expense side,” explains Scott. All too often, Scott sees businesses overlook this area for potential savings, which is why he constantly stresses its importance to his prospective clients.

Scott’s honest and giving nature is showcased in his relationship with his non-profit clients. “We always emphasize giving back to our community and clients in whom we believe,” says Scott. “With our non-profit clients, we donate a portion of the fees we earn to their cause.”

Scott is also involved in several faith-based organizations in his area, including Youth for Christ, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church and Whiz Kids. In his spare time, Scott enjoys nothing more than spending time with his nine grandchildren and watching them grow up. Scott and Louise are the deacon moderators at their church, and have a wonderful time managing and scheduling their team of 65 people.

If Scott could give one tip to business owners it would be to delegate tasks to experts. “Trust professionals to do what they are good at doing,” shares Scott. “Judge them according to the value they bring to your business. In the case of Schooley Mitchell, that value proposition will always be on the positive side.”


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