Professional Profile – Louise Brennan

Before Louise Brennan became a Schooley Mitchell consultant, she worked as a franchise consultant helping over 500 franchisors determine what type of business would best fit their individual skill sets. She guided many people through the discovery process that ultimately led them to determine what business what right for them. This same process led her to an exciting new investment of her own.

After several of the clients she represented ended up owning a Schooley Mitchell franchise, Louise and her husband Scott decided to take the same leap. The Denver-based consultant’s experience as a sales manager in the micro documents and financial forms industry, paired with her experience owning and operating the largest Sylvan Learning Centers franchise to date, made her the perfect fit for Schooley Mitchell.

Louise and Scott are now the proud owners of Schooley Mitchell of Denver, where they deliver completely risk-free and independent analysis of telephones, cell phones, fax lines, Internet and credit card processing expenditures to local businesses. Each manages their own clients and supports one another in this exciting venture.

Oftentimes businesses don’t have the time or resources necessary to keep a close eye on their telecom and merchant services bills, which is where the services offered by Louise come into play.

“The telecom and credit card processing industries can be very confusing and difficult to understand,” says Louise. “We are here to help our clients find the best rates, but we don’t stop there. We continue to work on behalf of our clients to lowers costs and secure the credits they deserve.”

Louise knows firsthand how hard it can be for small and medium sized businesses to stay afloat, and takes great pleasure in being able to help her clients make sense of packages, plans and service options. Finding ways to save them money, and put more cash in their pocket, is an extremely rewarding process.

“I can relate to their situation,” says Louise. “Connecting with local business people and helping them save money is by far the most enjoyable part about being a Schooley Mitchell consultant.”

During the course of her audits, Louise has uncovered some impressive savings. One client was skeptical at first because they believed they had already negotiated a competitive rate with their credit card processor. Much to their delight Louise was able to find a savings of 23% while staying with their current provider.

“With so much fraud in the business world today, many people are skeptical,” shares Louise. “Our offer almost sounds too good to be true, but our results and integrity speak for themselves.”

The work she has done for her clients has also lead to some impressive word-of-mouth business. One extremely satisfied client recommended her to perform an audit on the telecom, wireless and EPP expenses of a non-profit chain of 13 rehabilitation facilities.

After being introduced to the President and CEO of the non-profit, Louise and her team were able to deliver a 27% reduction in telecom expenditures and a 45% reduction in credit card processing fees. Since then, that same client has offered to make additional introductions to the senior management of other non-profits.

Schooley Mitchell’s extensive North American network allows Louise to keep her finger on the pulse of this fast-paced industry. New trends will emerge and new technologies will be introduced, but Louise’s commitment to helping her clients save time and money will remain the same.

“My work is constantly evolving,” explains Louise. “First and foremost, I am here to serve my clients and help them understand these ever-changing technologies.”

When Louise isn’t busy saving her clients money, she can be found spending quality time with her family. She loves studying the Bible with her friends and family, and is a proud grandmother of 6 granddaughters and 3 grandsons ranging from newborn to 21 years old. She also loves to decorate and go antiquing.

Being involved in her community and church is extremely important to Louise. She is a board member of the Women’s Ministry, and she and her husband are Moderators of the Deacons, at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church. She is also a regular volunteer at Youth for Christ.

If Louise could pass along one piece of advice to other business owners, it would be to build up a strong network of trusted business associates.

“Get involved with a small group that supports one another,” advises Louise. “Share ideas and best practices with one another on a regular basis. This will ensure that you never have a shortage of ideas about how to continually grow your business.”

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