Professional Profile

There’s something to be said for offering a service that saves money, instead of costing it.

That is why Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist John Campbell is proud to offer objective, independent telecommunications and merchant services advice.

“It truly is a no-risk process,” says the Nova Scotia-based consultant. “Everyone has their hand out when they meet with a business. We’re the only ones who give them money instead.”

And there is plenty of money to be found. Most businesses pay too much for services like telephone, fax lines, cell phones, Internet and credit card processing. On average, Schooley Mitchell reduces these expenses by 28 percent.

Campbell routinely uncovers significant cost savings and shocking billing errors totalling thousands of dollars.

He recalls one instance where he knew something was amiss as soon as he examined the company’s telephone bills. He discovered $24,000 in billing errors that had been charged over a three-year period. He was able to recoup the money for his client.

“They were delighted,” he says. “They were billed incorrectly for years and I was able to correct it. I enjoy doing that.”

In fact, his favourite part of his work as a consultant is being able to come back with sizable savings. It’s easy to deliver good news.

He also enjoys establishing strong relationships with his clients. Campbell operates under the Golden Rule, treating his clients the way he would like to be treated if the tables were turned.

“I am always totally upfront with them and give them as many details as possible,” he explains. “It’s important they fully understand the process, how it works, and why they will benefit from my recommendations.”

One of the biggest challenges he faces is the management of wireless devices in the workplace. Some of his clients have stuck with the traditional model of providing cell phones to their employees, while others have transitioned to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment.

Educating them on the pros and cons of both scenarios, and ensuring the devices are fully optimized takes a great deal of knowledge, he says.

It’s easy to see why staying on top of the latest offerings is of the utmost importance. In an always-changing industry, Schooley Mitchell devotes plenty of time to tracking new technology and telecom trends.

“This is an industry that changes every day,” he says. “It is time consuming to stay on top of it but that’s where we rely on Schooley Mitchell R&D to increase our own knowledge. We do our homework to save our clients’ money and time.”

On his own time, Campbell maintains a high level of community involvement. He can often be found volunteering with various local charities and political groups, or participating in minor sports.

For years he coached hockey, baseball and soccer, and refereed for 20 years in the American Hockey League. Today, he acts as manager for the Lockview High School hockey team.

“I love being involved in my community,” he says, noting he also adores spending time with his four grandchildren.

The best piece of advice he has for business owners and executives is to stay focused. Funnel energy into the things you do best, and leave telecom and merchant services-related issues to the experts.

“You’re likely to get bogged down and distracted from what you should be doing,” he says. “If you let us do it, it’s going to save you a lot of time and money.”