Client Quick Summaries

Abel Cine Tech

Abel Cine was facing a “tangled mess” of telecom expenses, dealing with multiple service providers and limited access to information between its three offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Jim Coler was able to make sense of the situation and find solutions to save the company a significant amount of money. The recommendations were implemented seamlessly with no interruption to service.

“We saved over 40 per cent on our local and long distance bills, and over 25 per cent on our cellular spend,” said Frank Somma, Abel Cine National Sales Director. “They continue to monitor the bills for additional savings each month. The monthly cellular monitoring program is a real time saver. There is no way that anyone in our organization would have the time or expertise to accomplish this task.”


Paramus Public Library

The Paramus Public Library was surprised at the savings James Coler was able to find after performing a risk-free assessment of its telecommunication and cable bills. After negotiating with various carriers, he presented three different options for consideration and was able to reduce the library’s costs by 39 per cent while improving service.

“We were delighted with their findings,” said Janice B. Hill, Paramus Public Library business manager. “The library has had no expenditure of staff time other than copying bills.”


Bayonne Community Mental Health Center

James Coler undertook an in-depth review of Bayonne Community Mental Health Center’s telecom expenses. Management was impressed at Coler’s knowledge of the industry and his ability to analyze the center’s existing plans to find cost savings.

“Mr. Coler’s in-depth review of our current plans resulted in many significant cost reductions,” said Joseph Kadian, President and CEO of Bayonne Community Mental Health Center. “It improved how we handle not only our telecom expenses, but the remaining expenses at the Center.”


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