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It is not unusual for Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Dave Huggins to encounter skepticism in his line of work.

“People are constantly being called and hounded by someone offering them the next big thing,” says the Ohio-based consultant. “They’re tired of hearing it and don’t know who to trust.”

It doesn’t take long for his clients to realize that Huggins produces results, regularly uncovering savings greater than 28 percent on telecom and merchant services expenses.

Because Schooley Mitchell is completely objective and independent of all providers, Huggins only has his clients’ best interests at heart.

“I love the relationships I have with my clients and the trust we have for one another,” he says. “They trust I am looking out for them, and they know all they have to do is call me and their issues will be handled.”

Huggins has found significant savings for his clients. He recalls an instance where an office was being charged for a long distance and web hosting package that was not being used. By investigating and selecting the proper plan he was able to reduce the cost by about 25 percent.

However, he discovered the office was also being billed for several phone lines that weren’t being used. Once they were cut out of the equation, it resulted in an overall savings of about 70 percent.

“I am sure in their wildest dreams they didn’t believe 70 percent savings was going to be their number,” he says. “It happens all the time … clients being billed for things – sometimes multiple things – they don’t know about.”

While he is keen to save his clients money, he is also happy to save them time. Dealing with telecom expenses can be confusing and time consuming, especially when juggling other projects and priorities.

“People don’t have time to look at their bills every day, they don’t have time to try to understand the rate plans and how they work,” he says. “Every carrier has its own niche, and it changes every eight months. We keep on top of it and we’re here to help.”

With technology constantly evolving, Huggins expects our desire to have information at our fingertips will keep mobility at the forefront. He predicts smartphone and tablet usage will continue to rise.

When he is not busy with clients, Huggins likes to stay involved with the community. He is a proud member of the Shrine Club and sits on the board of directors of Bishop Flaget Catholic School.

He is also a member of the Sunrise First Capital Rotary Club, and recently organized and executed a large flash mob dance at the club’s Taste of Chillicothe event.

If he could offer business owners just one piece of advice, he would tell them to work hard to hire the right people to help their company grow.

“Be honest in your dealings,” he advises. “Be respectful of your employees and your customers, and always put them first.”

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