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Every business that Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Paul O’Banion works with is different, and the telecommunications and merchant services needs for each is just as unique.

That’s why the Dallas, Texas-based consultant goes out of his way to learn as much as he can about each and every client to ensure he is finding them the right services at the right price.

“Every one of my accounts is different,” he explains. “I really want to understand their business today and where it is going in the future.”

His experience shows that if left unchecked, many companies are destined to overpay for basics such as telephones, cell phones, fax lines, Internet and credit card processing. On average, Schooley Mitchell reduces these expenses by 28 per cent, while frequently uncovering billing errors that can lead to sizeable refunds when corrected.

Making sense of packages, plans and service options can be confusing. But sometimes sheer scale can prove difficult as well.

O’Banion recalls one client with nearly 50 locations that was tangled in a web of services. The company was paying so many vendors that getting to the bottom of it was daunting for its sole IT employee.

“At one site they would have three, sometimes four different telco bills they were paying,” says O’Banion. “It was out of control.”

The needs at each individual site were addressed. Under his guidance, the company reconfigured its network and rolled into a VoIP platform, resulting in savings of over $10,000 per month.

Nothing makes O’Banion happier than to see the businesses he serves succeed. He encourages them to stay focused on the things that are working well for them, and to let him utilize his expertise to ensure their telecom and merchant services needs are met.

“Businesses always need someone who knows the industry and knows how to reduce costs,” he explains. “Technology is always evolving. You need someone who is an expert.”

When he’s not saving clients money, O’Banion can be found spending quality time with his family. A father of six children who range in age from seven months to 16 years old, he enjoys staying active in their school community, and is kept busy attending sporting events and performances.

He also has a passion for travel and loves to visit new places with his wife Stephanie and the kids.

“My life is my family,” he says proudly.

He is also proud of the relationships he has built with local vendors, which allows him to secure the best pricing and plans to suit his clients’ needs. This is especially important as the market continues to change and prices fluctuate. Luckily, O’Banion has the resources at his fingertips.

“Having someone to monitor the industry for price changes is a huge value,” he says, of his services. “How many companies have the time to go out to meet with 15 different vendors? That’s a 15-hour commitment. I save my clients time and money.”

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