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Schooley Mitchell is the largest cost reduction consulting firm in North America. We provide independent, objective advice on multiple expense categories, including telecom services, credit card processing fees, courier services and waste disposal.

We have helped over 21,000 clients across North America reduce their expenses.

With a success-based fee, we charge nothing if we find no savings. We do all the work and you are always in control, providing a risk free, self-funded process including comprehensive audit and recommendations.

Let us audit your vendor invoices, statements and contracts, recover all billing errors, and get the vendors to compete for your business. We will get you the right service, by the right vendor, at the right price.


“Keeping our same vendors and all of our same services, [Schooley Mitchell] was able to save us an astounding 45% off our current bills … We trust Schooley Mitchell and because we have them to look after our expenses, we can focus on our clients, projects and growth.”

– Shane Zuke, VP of Operations, Gillett Construction

“I was exceptionally pleased with both the savings that were provided and the ongoing service that I’ve been getting. I just had an annual review meeting with my TBayTel rep and he was remaking on how clean our billing was, he couldn’t find anything that he could help us with! We would highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any OTA member looking to save money and time on telecom.”

– Helen Kari-Halwachs, Director of IT, McKevitt Trucking Limited

“Schooley Mitchell saved us 26% on our local, long distance, data, and cell phone bills … The Schooley Mitchell Process makes sense for any business. You will be very happy when it adds to your bottom line.”

– Jeffrey P. Dalton, President, Dedicated Technologies, Inc.

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