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Jen Beamer

Boulder, Colorado

Voice: 303-440-8319

Website: schooleymitchell.com/jbeamer

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Looking for Cost Savings in the Outdoor Industry?

Jen Beamer has over 25 years of experience in the Outdoor Industry, servicing both complex, multi-million, multi-location retailers as well as mom and pop shops. She understands the particular needs, challenges, and potential cost-savings opportunities for these outdoor retailers, and knows how hard it can be for a professional in this busy industry to keep tabs on all areas of their business.

Jen becomes their outsourced telecommunications, merchant services, small package shipping and courier and waste expenses expert, continually monitoring their services to ensure they are receiving the best possible services at the best possible price.

We Are Your Vendor Watchdogs

Schooley Mitchell is the largest cost reduction consulting firm in North America. We provide independent, objective advice on multiple expense categories, including telecom services, credit card processing fees, courier services and waste disposal.

We have helped over 21,000 clients across North America reduce their expenses.

With a success-based fee, we charge nothing if we find no savings. We do all the work and you are always in control, providing a risk free, self-funded process including comprehensive audit and recommendations.

Let us audit your vendor invoices, statements and contracts, recover all billing errors, and get the vendors to compete for your business. We will get you the right service, by the right vendor, at the right price.