Ted Bliefnick Professional Profile

Ted Bliefnick is committed to telling a story. This story is of businesses, across Chicago and the state of Illinois, reducing their costs, increasing their bottom lines, and developing and growing effectively in a changing world.

From corporations to non-profits, Ted understands that controlling expenses is of the utmost importance for sustainable organizational health and growth.

The key challenge for businesses and organizations   is finding the time and resources to reduce these expenses while driving towards their goals. Whether it be manufacturing and delivering products on time or serving communities as part of a non-profit mission, the challenge is the same. Cutting costs means going through bills and invoices, studying rates across the marketplace and negotiating with vendors who might not be particularly interested in lowering their prices.

That’s why Ted is proud to provide Schooley Mitchell’s valuable service to his clients, optimizing their systems and processes and reducing their expenses. By analyzing their bills and invoices for them, and negotiating with vendors on their behalf, Ted helps his clients divert their focus to profit-generating activities.

Schooley Mitchell is North America’s largest independent cost reduction consulting firm, with offices from coast to coast in the United States and Canada. On average,
Schooley Mitchell reduces their clients’ expenses by 27 to 28 percent and has delivered over $340 million in documented savings to over 20,000 clients to date.

Ted is passionate about helping people and businesses succeed. The Illinois-based Schooley Mitchell consultant offers an objective, risk-free service to his clients, significantly improving their cost positions in several areas, including telecom, merchant services, small package shipping and waste.

Before joining Schooley Mitchell, Ted spent the better part of 15 years providing recruiting and HR solutions to global Fortune 1000 companies and leading large business development teams. Throughout his career, Ted has been committed to nurturing relationships in business and driving innovative success for the organizations he has worked alongside.

After looking at several business opportunities, Ted was drawn to Schooley Mitchell and its value proposition for clients.

“It’s a service that literally every business and organization can use,” says Ted. “It’s a great opportunity to help businesses lower their expenses and reinvest that capital back into their organizations.”

Ted is excited to offer a risk-free service to his clients that offers no downside to them. If he is unable to find his clients money, they don’t have to pay him anything. That is a great way to do business, and Ted is happy to offer incredible value to his clients.

“Even if I don’t find you savings, I still audited your expenses and confirmed that you weren’t wasting any money,” says Ted. “In unprecedented times like these, that security and knowledge is invaluable.”

As a dedicated community member who strives to give back to those in need, Ted is excited to improve the lifes and businesses of those around him.

“I’m excited to establish a scholarship down the road, as well as setting up internships and giving experienced, driven young people an opportunity to be successful,” says Ted. “Both in business and life, I hope to leave a positive, lasting legacy for others.

Ted values honesty and integrity in his business. He understands that each and every business deserves the right to pay the appropriate rates and utilize the services that fit their operational needs. That’s why he works solely in his clients’ best interests, helping them control their expenses and optimize their business services. And as
a community-minded individual, connecting and helping entrepreneurs and people in his backyard is an exciting proposition.

In his personal time, Ted loves spending time with his wife, Rachel — a lifestyle influencer and blogger — and their three sons. Ted is also a Chicago sports fan who hopes the Bears can relive their glory days in the near future.

When asked to give one word of advice to business owners and key decision-makers, Ted urged for them to stop wasting their hard-earned dollars.

“Stop wasting your time and money, whether it be on expenses or whether it be on inefficiencies within your business,” says Ted. “Understand that saving money and time is of the utmost importance in your organization.”

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