Small Package Shipping & Courier

With so many shipping options, it would be easy to choose one and leave it at that – we know better.

Small package shipping and courier costs are steadily on the rise, and invoices for shipping services can be hundreds of pages long. Schooley Mitchell provides practical solutions to reduce shipping costs through billing error recovery, service guarantees, optimized pricing, and cost-effective shipping practices.

Whether you use standard shipping, overnight small package shipping in Canada and the U.S., or any other courier service, we can help reduce your costs. We make sure you are paying optimum prices for the way you ship. We also make sure items do not appear on your bill that should not be there.

For example:

  • Are your fuel surcharges and taxes calculated correctly?
  • Do you receive optimum discount rates for each individual shipment?
  • Are there charges on your bills from time to time that should not be there for things like signature verification, residential destinations, oversized shipments, overnight shipments that weren’t delivered on time, etc.

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